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University Campus Phase II, Segovia, Spain
Year 2019

    University Campus Phase II, Segovia, Spain

    Competition 2005. 1st prize

    The building completes the entire programme of the Campus of the University of Valladolid, of which Phase I had already been carried out.

    The structure of Phase II follows a similar order to that of Phase I, but involves spaces of a very different nature. Thus, typologically, the Phase II building also has a “double comb” around its perimeter, where the classrooms are located, while the two representative spaces—the auditorium and the graduation hall—are located in the central axis.

    These two spaces, with the appearance of enormous wooden chests, are separated from each other by other spaces of great height illuminated by zenithal light. The central axis of the building is located below the auditorium, starting in the “Agora” of Phase I.

    It is a route that links both phases and culminates in a large staircase and the foyer of the large auditoriums. The graduation hall covers the entire height of the building, with a trough-shaped roof through which zenithal light enters from a skylight.

    The classrooms and offices are illuminated and separated from each other by landscaped courtyards. The difference in the width of the office bays in relation to the classrooms allows for the introduction of ring corridors on the office floors. The centre is occupied by glassed-in tutorial spaces and small interior light wells that allow natural light to pass.

    The facades facing the street mark a repetitive and vertical rhythm and are made of prefabricated concrete panels, creating an envelope for the building.

    Authors: Linazasoro&Sánchez Arquitectura
    Collaborators: Alba Troitiño Bernal, Irene Campo Sáez, Laura Corrales, Hugo Sebastián de Erice, Andoni Garrán