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Construction of an university campus, Sion, Switzerland
Year 2013

    Construction of an university campus, Sion, Switzerland

    Competition 2013

    This project involves a university located next to a railroad and in an area that previously was an industrial zone.

    The building is developed longitudinally, also rehabilitating an industrial construction, and is traversed by a street on one of its ends. The building’s basic section is formed by a space of various heights with zenith lighting, but its most characteristic portion is that where it is part of the pedestrian connection that traverses the street. In that part the building constitutes a public space that is part of that pedestrian path, which is conceived as a space of various heights where its most representative areas are located, such as the auditorium, the library and, on the ground story, the cafeteria. This covered but public space constitutes the materialization of an idea already presented in the Segovia campus, where the center of the building is a public space for the city.

    Authors: Linazasoro&Sánchez Arquitectura, Kury Stähelin Architectes
    Collaborators: Hugo Sebastián de Erice, Sergi Artola Dols, André Mota