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Construction of an square in Barakaldo, Biscay, Spain
Year 2008

    Square in Barakaldo, Biscay, Spain

    Competition 2004. 1st price

    Built 2002-2008 The inside area of a block is usually a gloomy and dark space. We thought that by lowering it nearly to the street level, we could make it accessible to the public. This way we would achieve a visual connection, and even the open spaces under the buildings would be incorporated. The worst feeling for the people living in a closed block is realising that they can only see the neighbour opposite them, lacking the distance that offers the perspective of an open street. This can only be eased with views to a pleasant and lively floor space, something that could be portrayed as a huge painting representing a background view; something that the inhabitants of the block of buildings could enjoy when they leant out of the window. In a place where sunlight is almost absent, looking at a colourful area is greatly appealing.

    The area is distributed in two levels, with a small difference of 45 cm. in depth between the two. The dwelling surface is like a crack on the garden, showing a deep supporting stratum breaking that “empty” space with the surrounding “full” spaces. The ceramic clinker brick is the material used o pave the edges. However, the dwelling space uses  grey Portuguese paving on the central wall surfaces and white paving on the rim. The gardens will host diverse short plant species, perennial and seasonal plants showing plenty of coulours, as well as coloured sand and stones. The illumination will lie hidden under the benches, prioritizing elegance and a discreet presence of the appliances.

    Author: José Ignacio Linazasoro
    Collaborators: Ricardo Sánchez González, Hugo Sebastián de Erice