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Young Art Hangar, Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Spain
Year 2008

    Young Art Hangar, Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Spain

    Competition 2008. 1st prize

    Project assigned through public bidding in 2008. It consists on sculpture, painting and other arts workshops, teaching areas and an exhibition room.

    The plot is located in a simple area of the outskirts of Miranda de Ebro, close to the riverbank but without features worth mentioning. It was decided to stablish a building surrounded by gardens, with clear geometry and organization that specially define the functionality but, at the same time, allowing for an idea of unity and transparency. In plan view the building is divided into three different width bands that hold, from north to south, the small workshops, the big exhibition room, the building’s heart, and the big workshops. The small workshops have simple height ceilings and the exhibition room and the big workshops have double height ceilings. Above the north band workshops there are the classrooms.

    The exhibition room is the center of the building but, at the same time, it keeps its intimacy thanks to the perimeter hallways, which on the top floor are hidden yet shown through a lattice. The exhibition room can be connected to the workshops through large openings in open doors sessions. The workshops, in turn, can completely open their fronts to the gardens, making them extensions of the working area. The large skylights illuminate the exhibition room from above as they signal this simple area of the outskirts as the new cultural hub.

    Author: Ricardo Sánchez González
    Collaborator: David Rodríguez Cobos