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Agustín Lara Square in Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain
Year 2001

    Agustín Lara Square in Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain

    Competition 1996. 1st price

    This project involves a restoration that is closely related to the Cultural Centre of the Piarists’ Centre, cting as the lobby to the North. This square also addresses the offset between Mesón de Paredes Street and the old square, so one can access the new underground car park and the library, inside the Cultural Centre.

    The square shows three clearly differentiated areas: the one opposite the library, presenting a hard Portuguese and grid-shaped paving; a paving stone and compacted soil area to the rear, with trees; and finally, as an extension of Mesón de Paredes Street, there is an area paved with slabs, maintaining the trees that were there initially.
    The underground car park stands out on the square because of the presence of the two access booths. A continuous flight stair descends from the entry under the extension of the Mesón de Paredes Street, leading to all floors in the car park, which are illuminated with summit lights.

    Author: José Ignacio Linazasoro
    Collaborator: José María García del Monte