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Construction of the Spanish Embassy, Asunción, Paraguay
Year 2000

    Construction of the Spanish Embassy, Asunción, Paraguay

    Project 1990-2000

    Europeans think of Paraguay as an exotic place due to its tropical climate and the resulting architecture, which despite keeping with the South American style has singular features that respond to the frequent rainfall and sudden changes in the weather conditions. An ideal location in the centre of Asunción, in a large area covered with tropical trees.

    The building has a complex plan, as appropriate for an ambassador’s residence. The aim is to combine representative elements with domestic life: The sequence of the entrance, with the staircase at the back, is lit by a zenith light and the family areas face a private garden. There is an emphatic view from the exterior as a consequence of a compact distribution of the interior spaces and a traditional Paraguayan gable roof, in this case diagonally arranged.
    Brise-soleils made of concrete and wood surround the façades to protect them from extreme weather conditions. Traditional materials were used in an attempt to avoid the novelty that always becomes uncomfortable for this kind of building.

    Author: José Ignacio Linazasoro
    Collaborators: J. Puldain, J.A. López Cediel, J. Ascanio